Ambassador Referral fund

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All of us at Realty Access would like to congratulate a subscriber for receiving $32,000 SGD from the Ambassador Referral fund. As mentioned over the years, we firmly believe in the expression “keeping it in the family”. Of course advertising is necessary in all businesses. Structured organisations usually award a percentage of net profit from sales to be invested back into promoting to targeted audiences. What better audience could there be than the friends, family and business acquaintances? Helping friends and loved ones with secure returns in this ever changing world can be rewarding. 
We asked, “Sumarni what are you to do with the sum rewarded”? 
 “Take a long, long break away from work”!
We hear you Surmani.
May we also take the opportunity to thank those whom filled our inboxes with enquiries already.
For those whom haven’t yet done so, dont delay to contact Claire Yeo your VIP Services Assistant on: +65 67367395 or [email protected] Remember you are not required to invest or make a commitment of any kind. So we ask you, what would you do with $32,000 dollars?

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