20th of February 2021: Important notice to all Subscribers


On the 1st of March 2021 the administrator of the Realty Access notified VIP Services to duly notify all Subscribers of the Covid-19 impact on the property portfolio. Subscriptions that may have cashed out as early as 2021 from advanced growth, will now run the full term until 2036.


The primary work of Realty Access Limited is to ensure the safe return of Subscribers capital through the reimbursement fund as per section two (2) of the Subscription agreement and the Memorandum of Articles. Therefore, are fully within their legal right to demand the fund run its full term.


However, this news has not met well with our older Subscribers whom feel previous indications of early payout is vital and was their primary motivation to buy into the fund in the first instance.


Since that time VIP Services has been consulting with the companies previously approved by the trustee to market the fund, for any possible solution. We are now happy to inform you that the last approved agent, Paramount Strategies Pte. Ltd. is currently in contact with all Subscribers with a solution to this issue.


We have authorized Paramount Strategies to contact subscribers to assist where ever possible. Please see below the notice and the previous marketing agreement from the trustee to ensure that all Subscribers will be contacted by a company vetted and approved.




5th of July 2018: Copy notice from Realty Access Facebook page:


The below notice was posted today a 9:30 am informing all Subscribers that VIP Services has been set up since 2016 to assist in handling all general enquiries for Subscribers who have found it challenging to receive satisfactory customer service from Asia Pacific Reservations as the client base of Realty Access subscribers far beyond initial expectations.

VIP Services is manned by the CEO’s of the broker companies that marketed the Realty Access in good faith to its Asian clients, and guarantees to provide a return of any email enquiry within twelve (12) hours of receipt.



1st May 2016: Green light services comes on board and incorporates Icon and Solutions Pte Ltd as their exclusive agent in The Republic Of Singapore.


1st of September 2015: License agreement approved for Icon Solutions Pte. Ltd. for the Asian territory, the Republic of Singapore.


1st of March 2015: Rainbow Bridge appoint AJCC Pte. Ltd. as an independent sales agent in the Republic of Singapore.

1st of December 2012: Concorde Developments Pte Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore as its exclusive sales agent