Patong Investment Villas Tri Trang Phuket

Realty-Access-Living-room-Tri-Trang  Realty-Access-Bedroom-Tri-Trang

Country: Thailand
Region: Tri Trang Patong Phuket
Status of resort: Majority Owned and managed by Realty Access

janefavorite09Luxury Villas from the Patong investment collection with Realty Access. Welcome to the tropical Island of Phuket, your home away from home. Located on the luxurious hills of Phuket overlooking the amazing Patong beach, Jirana Patong provides guest with an unforgettable experience. The estate was designed and decorated by Thailand’s top Architect and Interior Designer supervised closely by the owner. The estate was first intended to be sold but because of its magnificence, it later became a residential hotel instead. Jirana Patong features nine exquisite units.

Each stylish unit comes with two to four bedrooms and a private pool with the beautiful view of the Andaman.

Why invest:

Strong economic growth has pushed the Thai price index (Phuket focus) for single detached houses up by 5.71% (3.74% inflation-adjusted) during the year to end-Q1 2014, after annual house price rises of 5.61% in Q4, 5.34% in Q3, and 6.17% in Q2 2013. Producing a year end increase by more than 21%.

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