Fuengirola Resort Realty Access

Fuengirola Resort Realty Access

Region: Fuengirola
Status of resort: Wholly owned and managed by Realty Access

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Situated overlooking the famous Boliches Beach, these outstanding apartments are located within a residential complex with private lush gardens, tennis courts and swimming pool. These fantastically appointed apartments bask in the mediterreanian sun for 320 days a year. All have balconies with sea views for a relaxing Spanish sunset to underline a perfect end to each continental day. In addition, the area is well served by world-class beachs stretching 4 miles along the coast to important heritage destinations.
Growth P.a.: 12% p.a.
Source: INE


Why invest: Spain offers the largest potential for long term gain in Europe right now. The Spainish House price Index had crashed during the 2007 financial recession making luxury acquisitions a fantastic proposition. Already Spanish house price increased in the second quarter of 2014 driven by foreign property buyers in the coast and prominent cities like Barcelona. During 2006 house prices rose by 19.4%. Last year prices rose by 0.15% only but with a 48% surge in property transactions due to the attractive market prices. Realty Access agrees with qualifies sources like, ‘The Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) which predicts a return to pre 2007 prices for vacation properties in the southern parts of the country with increases expected to be exceeding 12% p.a.