Caponga Beach Village Brazil Investment

Caponga Beach Village Brazil Investment

By Realty Access.

Fractional Subscription ownership

Located in the quaint beach-side fishing village of Caponga, near to the bustling and vibrant city of Fortaleza, in the north-east of Brazil, with modern communal facilities including a bar and restaurant, decks, adult and children’s swimming pools, showers, barbeque, shop, sports centre, mini-golf, lawns and play area.

The 5 Star Caponga Beach resort is a mature and well established development just a short stroll from the stunning white beaches of Caponga and Aguas Belas. The entire development is a closed gated community offering a range of beautiful villas and apartments.

The modern communal facilities are recently finished and include a bar and restaurant, decks, adult and children’s swimming pools, showers, barbeque, shop, sports centre, mini-golf, lawns and play area. Several 2 and 3 bedroom detached houses have already been constructed and finished including model show homes.

Blocks of attractive low-level apartments are starting construction in the coming months to complete the range of properties available. The Caponga Beach development offers both investors and holiday-makers the perfect opportunity to enter the lucrative Brazilian property market in a secure, established resort in an idyllic location.

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The investment:

Due to Caponga’s excellent location in relation to the beach, city, and international airport, properties in this area will typically return 18% net income for short-term holiday lets and this is after management and marketing costs.

Due to an increase of demand from, not only the international investors, but also from the up and coming national investors, we expect property prices to increase substantially over the next 5-10 years, especially considering the more than generous, potential yield.

Exit Strategy:

Brazil due to its’ B.r.i.c. status and especially the popular holiday destination area of Fortaleza are popular investment areas for the sophisticated international investor as well as for the national independent investor.

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Your Security with Realty Access

REALTY ACCESS will liaise with the local management teams to ensure that quality and service levels are being maximised. Sales are currently through travel agents, the internet and word of mouth recommendations, with many guests returning year after year, whilst REALTY ACCESS Subscribers will be able to use these properties at an even lower rate.
Track Record:
Every individual of the management team of REALTY ACCESS has been working in the International Leisure property industry for many years. Each key member of the management team has hands on experience in the hotel or leisure industry and in managing and administrating various property investments.

What happens at the end of the term ?
Prior to the end of your subscription the properties held on behalf of the Subscribers in the Reimbursement Funds
will be sold and liquidated. After which REALTY INVEST will repay any possible gearing commitments first, followed by the repayment of the Subscribers and their share of the profits accrued after costs and taxes are accounted for.
Any Standard Reimbursement fund Subscriber in good standing, Can claim any time after the 25th anniversary
of the end of the year of their initial subscription. However there are Subscriptions to Reimbursement Funds
available where you can claim much earlier or where we have devised possibilities to an early exit strategy.

REALTY ACCESS has appointed TITLE TRUSTEES INTERNATIONAL to act as trustee. The Trustee shall and
will control the property assets for and on behalf of the Subscribers of REALTY Access. Title Trustees International
will keep assets or a part of the Purchase Price recrived by it from the subscribers in escrow until the date upon
which the appropriate Rights have been allocated to the Investor applicant in accordance with the Articles and shall then dispose of and/or hold those funds in accordance with the Deed of Trust.

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