Prodigy Network and Icon Solutions

Prodigy Network and Icon Solutions

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Realty Access is proud to announce their involvement in the offical arrival in Singapore of the most successful crowd funding platform in the world, Prodigy Network.

At the end of April, Bloomberg interviewed the CEO of Prodigy Network, Rodrigo Nino. The same New York city investment company was featured in the Today and the Straits Times on the 29 th of January and reported a successful $173 USD million fund raised in the US and a 5 billion Yuan China fund raised in just three days. In the live interview Mr. Nino revealed that the top corporate industries only survived the Global Financial Crisis because they collectively invested their capital in the top commercial sites globally, however the public were not given access to the same asset security due to a contradiction in the law that the general public could not have access to due to open solicitation of private offerings.

This securities law blockade on the small investor was lifted in 2013 and by 2014 Wikepedia reported that the small investor public funds in crowd funding was worth $ 5.1 billion USD in the first year, and an average of 446 campaigns an hour started globally in 2015. The public have flocked to property crowd funding for exactly the reason stated by Mr. Nino in his Bloomberg interview, “There hasn’t been a single case of fraud in the crowdfunding industry because its heavily regulated by the government to ensure safe operations between the companies, the public and the developers”. His sentiments were echoed by Karim Lakhani from the Harvard Business school stating, “In developed countries, crowdfunding provided access to commercial real estate assets that were privy to large investors before. Crowdfunding will disrupt the status quo of traditional equity investment in real estate.”

Welcome to the future: Bloomberg closed by stating that the new Financial Technology Industry termed Fintech is focused on providing financial services through technology. We have seen the success of this with household names like PayPal and Uber. Now property crowdfunding too is heading the same way. Collectively changing the traditional methods of financial profits made by consumers.
Back to Realty Access: Official Asian main dealer Icon Solutons Pte. Ltd. was invited to participate in the launch, Mr. Marc Revan Icon Solution sales director attended as a guest in person. What were his thoughts after personally communicating with  the head of Prodigy Network? “It’s fantastic to see our company’s business model endorsed by the mainstream big boys joining as new entrants to the industry some five years behind us. Our clients have already seen cash dividend payouts and equity increases by the time they open their doors. But great to have them here, Our industry is now above reproach and beyond question of any reasonable high end investor”.

Ambassador Referral fund

Ambassador Referral fund

Breaking News! 
All of us at Realty Access would like to congratulate a subscriber for receiving $32,000 SGD from the Ambassador Referral fund. As mentioned over the years, we firmly believe in the expression “keeping it in the family”. Of course advertising is necessary in all businesses. Structured organisations usually award a percentage of net profit from sales to be invested back into promoting to targeted audiences. What better audience could there be than the friends, family and business acquaintances? Helping friends and loved ones with secure returns in this ever changing world can be rewarding. 
We asked, “Sumarni what are you to do with the sum rewarded”? 
 “Take a long, long break away from work”!
We hear you Surmani.
May we also take the opportunity to thank those whom filled our inboxes with enquiries already.
For those whom haven’t yet done so, dont delay to contact Claire Yeo your VIP Services Assistant on: +65 67367395 or [email protected] Remember you are not required to invest or make a commitment of any kind. So we ask you, what would you do with $32,000 dollars?
Terramar Residence Costa Rica

Terramar Residence Costa Rica

The resort is located in a residencial zone, where you can find lodge, restaurants, cafeterias etc., The recption is located at the central mall El Pueblito. It has a beach club at a short walking distance, where you can access at no cost.

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2 bedroom Sleep 6

The resort has condo style units. Have two bedrooms equiped with air conditioning, roof fan, and a deck. One of the bedrooms has a queen size bed and the other one has two single beds, both bedrooms share a bathroom. Have a leaving area, dinning room, partial kitchen and double sofa bed and a bathroom, cable tv and safe box. In the condo center there is a garden, a deck and common pool and laundry.

Great Investment With Realty Access

Great Investment With Realty Access


Australia: 2.50% P.A. New Zealand: 0.10% P.A.
Source: Commonwealth bank of Australia Source: ANZ Bank

UK: 0.75% P.A. Singapore: 0.8% P.A.
Source: Lloyds Bank Source: CIMB Bank

South Africa: 1% P.A. USA: 0.01%
Source: FNB Bank Source: Bank of America

New Zealand: 0.10% P.A.
Source: Commonwealth bank of Australia Source: ANZ Bank

Singapore: 0.8% P.A.
Source: Lloyds Bank Source: CIMB Bank

USA: 0.01%
Source: FNB Bank Source: Bank of America


Targeted growth per annum on subscriber’s real estate opportunity.

Average based upon ten independent countries within the Realty Access portfolio over the last twenty years. Realty Access employs under the UK Companies Act 2006, an independent administrator to achieve the following:

The administration and the board is entitled to request on behalf of the subscribers to dispose of any and all interests including property assets without the sanction of a resolution of the company in general meeting. For the sake of clarity, it is confirmed that the administrator shall not deem itself reasonably satisfied, in terms of the article, unless the combined cumulative growth of the value of the property assets reimbursement fund is in excess of 8% per annum.



Calangute India Resort

Calangute India Resort

Country: India
Region: Baga, Goa
Status of resort: Co-owned

Located adjacent to the Arpora River close to the very popular beaches of Baga and Calangute.

Realty-Access-India-Goa-InvestmentAlso known as the “”Queen of Beaches”” , Calangute is is Goa’s flagship beach. It is also the most commercialized of all beaches in Goa. Due to its extreme popularity, Calangute beach beckons tourists and backpackers from all over the world and the beach remains choc-a-block with tourists all year around. The beach is dotted with shacks and a lot of the clubs open up onto the beach. There are lots of shows held on the beach including rock, pop beat shows, open air dances, and fetes. Calangute offers all modern amenities like a post office, banks, foreign exchange offices and medical facilities. When in Calangute a must see is Realty-Access-India-Goa-Investment-Co-Ownedthe Church of St. Alex, built in 1741.
Set on the slopes of an undulating hillside, it is ideally suited for those looking for lively party and entertainment venues all within easy reach of the resort. The resort consists of a range of studio, one and two bedroom apartments. The resort is equivalent to a 5 star resort in Goa. The apartments are spacious for six persons in a two-bedroom apartment. Facilities include two swimming pools, the “Poco Loco” Mexican restaurant, 24 hours reception, evening entertainment, gymnasium, games room, convenience store and excursion desk. Excursions and activities include river cruises, dolphin watching, beach and watersports, trips and excursions.

Realty-Access-India-Goa-Investment-Co-Owned-With-ReturnThe resort is located on a stunning hillside setting.

Growth P.a.: 60%
Source: National Housing Bank

Why invest: India’s housing market and price index has been steadily increasing for the last two decades. Policital unrest in 2009 led to a temprary decline into negative growth. Realty Access was able to take advantage of this opporunity to aquire a substantial portion of this famous resort. Long term growth exceeding 12% is expected for luxury vacation accomodation in the most sort after destination like Goa.


New Cyprus Investments

New Cyprus Investments

New Investment for Realty Access.


Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, has rich, turbulent history stretching back to antiquity. Known for its beaches, it has a rugged interior with wine-growing regions. It’s separated into a Greek south and Turkish north, with the capital Nicosia also divided. Coastal Paphos is famed for its archaeological sites relating to the cult of Aphrodite, including ruins of palaces, tombs and mosaic-adorned villas.




Great Investments around the world

Great Investments around the world

With the housing market stabilizing and last year’s dramatic price increases behind us  it’s not as easy to quickly flip homes for a profit. Instead, now might be a good time to think about buying housing to hold for the long-term.

Realty Access helps you get a foot in the door.

Whether you’re an investor looking to pick up a few rental properties or a young professional interested in purchasing a first home, there are plenty of places where housing should be a pretty safe bet. The key is to buy in cities with strong job growth that people are moving to, so that the stock of potential tenants for would-be landlords is abundant.

Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Growth P.a.: 12%
Source: INE

Spain offers the largest potential for long term gain in Europe right now. The Spainish House price Index had crashed during the 2007 financial recession making luxury acquisitions a fantastic proposition. Already Spanish house price increased in the second quarter of 2014 driven by foreign property buyers in the coast and prominent cities like Barcelona. During 2006 house prices rose by 19.4%. Last year prices rose by 0.15% only but with a 48% surge in property transactions due to the attractive market prices. Realty Access agrees with qualifies sources like, ‘The Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) which predicts a return to pre 2007 prices for vacation properties in the southern parts of the country with increases expected to be exceeding 12% p.a.

Fuengirola Resort Realty Access

Spain Region: Fuengirola Status of resort: Wholly owned and managed by Realty Access Description: Situated overlooking the famous Boliches Beach, these outstanding apartments are located within a residential complex with private lush gardens, tennis courts and swimming pool. These fantastically appointed apartments bask in the mediterreanian sun for 320 days a year. All have balconies with sea views for […]

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Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Growth P.a.: 12% Source: INE Spain offers the largest potential for long term gain in Europe right now. The Spainish House price Index had crashed during the 2007 financial recession making luxury acquisitions a fantastic proposition. Already Spanish house price increased in the second quarter of 2014 driven by foreign property buyers in the coast and prominent cities like Barcelona. […]

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Club Maritimo Fuengirola

We stayed here for 7 nights on a room only basis. Very elegant hotel positioned on the prom. Staff are polite the young lady we dealt with at reception spoke good English and very knowledgeable. Most of the staff speak very little English. If you would like to practice your Spanish this is a good hotel for that. The room perfect, spacious, complementary tooth brush , comb, razer etc nice touches.
The food perfect, there is something for everyone. We had a fab chef both morning, freshly cooked food in front of you. Pate’s, jam’s, assorted breads, ham’s, fruit, just everything you could wish for is there. Could not fault this hotel. You can fly to Malaga airport, on arrival hop on the train to Fuengirola from there you could gat a taxi or public bus to the hotel as there is a bus stop across the road from the hotel or you could walk it would take approx. 25 mins.
If you like to shop there is a very large shopping mall called Miramar with trendy shops, eateries, along with your Costa coffee, Primark, Clair’s accessories and more just a 10 min walk away.

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