Increase the quality of holidays for you and your family

Realty Access are involved in developing and managing high standard leisure properties. We created the exclusive REALTY ACCESS VACATION CLUB that gives you direct access to developments of Realty Access.

Our reputation in the industry led us to various unique collaborations with associated leisure property developers and leading hotels & resorts around the world. This gives all our Participants access to thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide.

Save money on holiday accommodation:

As a Participant in the Realty Access Global property portfolio, you are entitled to use the portfolio accommodation or any alternative accommodation in the thousands of associated resorts worldwide at greatly reduced prices. Why? Simply as you are a participating owner of a property you are only to pay the set user fee to cover occupation costs.

Typically savings on holiday accommodation booked through the Realty Access Global Vacation Club are up to 75%. The simplicity of the financial logic of Realty Access is what makes the Realty Access so successful…

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