Have Vacation Days Left? Here Are Six Inspirational Trips Perfect for Right Now

Have Vacation Days Left? Here Are Six Inspirational Trips Perfect for Right Now

The year is already two-thirds over!

If you still haven’t checked into the Silo Hotel in Cape Town or snapped an Instagram shot underneath the hammerhead shark exhibit at Miami’s new Frost Science Museum, you’ve got some work to do. And fast.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg anointed the 20 most exciting destinations for 2017. Given that the year is two-thirds over, it seems a good time to take stock of your adventures—and figure out how to use your remaining vacation days.
Where to begin? Use this cheat sheet as your guide.


Underneath the three-level aquarium at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami.
Photographer: Joe Raedle/Getty Images North America

Art Basel means that December is always an exciting month in Miami. But go a little earlier and you’ll find that these days, the South Florida art world is in full swing, full time. An exhibition about dominoes at the Pérez Art Museum Miami sounds odd until you consider how the game has become an emblem of Cuban culture; the Bass Museum reopens in early October with a technicolor retrospective by Swiss mixed-media artist Ugo Rondinone; and in September, Faena Art will become part-roller skating rink, part-art installation, with a floor and DJ booth covered in massive, psychedelic murals.

If that feels like a lot to take in, consider this: The brand-new Frost Museum of Science has an exhibit dedicated to the science of looking. It’ll make you think twice about your perspective, in ways that are both figurative and literal.

Cape Town

Dream hotel room, realized.
Source: The Silo

After checking into the Silo last month, I’m happy to report that one of the year’s most hotly anticipated hotel openings has somehow exceeded the hype. The geodesic, dome-like windows! The crystal decanters with complimentary brandy! The layer cakes at tea time! Even if weather shuts down the stunning rooftop pool, you’ll never want to leave. Which is just fine, because come September, the ground floor will transform into the continent’s first contemporary African art museum, the Zeitz MoCAA. Inside will be the world’s largest collection of its kind, with nine floors of exhibition space that will include works from such cutting-edge artists as Swaziland’s Nandipha Mntambo and South African Wim Botha. Cape Town minus the epic outdoor adventures? It’s suddenly an appealing proposition.


The Arctic Treehouse Hotel is made up of cube-like suites that hover over the snowpack.
Source: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

The Northern Lights are in a dimming cycle, which means that they’ve been progressively appearing less frequently since 2015 and will continue to decline for an additional eight or so years. (The decade-long trend is part of normal solar cycles.) Even so, sightings are still easy to come by in Finland’s northern Lapland, starting in September and stretching all the way through March.

Avoid going during the festive season, since the town of Rovaniemi explodes with Santa Claus-everything around then—it’s dubbed itself the “official hometown” of the bearded gift-giver, with an amusement park dedicated to bringing the Christmas spirit to life. But keep an open mind about Santa Park if you go in the fall: it contains the Arctic Treehouse Hotel, one of the most striking places to see the skies light up in greens and purples. Its striking suites have panoramic windows and whitewashed interiors, creating an illusion of continuity into the snow-covered countryside.

Feeling cold just thinking about it? Warm up at Loyly, a newly minted sauna on the Helsinki coast that’s restoring glamour to a once-ubiquitous tradition: open-to-the-public bathhouses.


Fishermen on the wide expanse of Inle Lake.
Photographer: ketkarn sakultap/Moment RM

Visiting Southeast Asia during the summer months isn’t an ideal strategy: The temperatures climb far past the point of reason. So if you missed your chance at a trip early this year, consider booking for late 2017.

Already, the temple-filled, historic city of Bagan is reaching a tipping point for travelers. Myanmar natives are discovering domestic tourism after many years of political conflict; ever-growing numbers of Chinese are arriving on tour buses; and backpackers from Europe are there seeking great value. You should still go: Just ask your tour guide to take you to Shwesandaw Pagoda for sunrise, rather than sunset (when the crowds are at peak saturation), and head to a different spot to watch the sun cast its glow on hundreds of brick stupas.

Inle Lake is where you’ll still get Myanmar to yourself. The Sanctum Inle hotel is far more beautiful in person than its website would suggest, with what may be the only five-star rooms in the area (and service to match). Once you’re zipping around the floating villages in your own longboat, you’ll rarely see another traveler—and the few modern businesses that have sprung up have retained a strong sense of local identity. Take the Inthar Heritage House, a restaurant and hospitality school for Inle youth; it serves fresh, flavorful tea leaf salads and Myanmar curries, which you’ll scarcely find anywhere else.


Visitors riding camels near the Great Pyramid.
Photographer: Bruce Yuanyue Bi/Lonely Planet Images

Visits to Egypt are on the rebound—which is great news for Egyptians and a mixed bag for travelers. Some rough numbers to consider: Six years after the country clocked 1.5 million monthly arrivals, tourism plummeted to 329,000 last May. Now, the figures are surpassing 700,000 for the first time since October 2015.

In other words: Plan a trip—soon, if you’re interested in getting the pyramids all to yourself. And if you really want to guarantee some space and privacy, get out of Cairo and onto a Nile River cruise—the 27-cabin Oberoi Zahra is offering two sailings each month for the rest of the year, starting and ending in Luxor and Aswan.

Sri Lanka

Hot air ballooning over Yala National Park, with Wild Coast Tented Lodge visible in the distance.
Source: Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Want to ride in a hot air balloon over parades of elephants and pods of blue whales in the morning, then go spotting leopards in the afternoon? That’s the type of safari you can take in Yala National Park, in southeastern Sri Lanka—and it’s the central premise behind Wild Coast Tented Lodge, opening this October with 36 opulent, pod-like tents. Go for three days to get your fill of land and sea animals, then pair that with a couple of blissed-out beach days in the Maldives. (Our hotel pick there? Soneva Jani, some of whose overwater bungalows have waterslides that plunge into the Indian Ocean.)

Patong Investment Villas Tri Trang Phuket

Patong Investment Villas Tri Trang Phuket

Realty-Access-Living-room-Tri-Trang  Realty-Access-Bedroom-Tri-Trang

Country: Thailand
Region: Tri Trang Patong Phuket
Status of resort: Majority Owned and managed by Realty Access

janefavorite09Luxury Villas from the Patong investment collection with Realty Access. Welcome to the tropical Island of Phuket, your home away from home. Located on the luxurious hills of Phuket overlooking the amazing Patong beach, Jirana Patong provides guest with an unforgettable experience. The estate was designed and decorated by Thailand’s top Architect and Interior Designer supervised closely by the owner. The estate was first intended to be sold but because of its magnificence, it later became a residential hotel instead. Jirana Patong features nine exquisite units.

Each stylish unit comes with two to four bedrooms and a private pool with the beautiful view of the Andaman.

Why invest:

Strong economic growth has pushed the Thai price index (Phuket focus) for single detached houses up by 5.71% (3.74% inflation-adjusted) during the year to end-Q1 2014, after annual house price rises of 5.61% in Q4, 5.34% in Q3, and 6.17% in Q2 2013. Producing a year end increase by more than 21%.

Investment in Thailand

Investment in Thailand

Growth P.a.: 21%
Realty Access Source: Bank of Thailand and The Department of Land, Ministry of Interior-Phuket.

Despite the politics, the Thai price index for single detached houses rose by 4.9% (4.11% inflation-adjusted) during the year to end-Q4 2014, after annual house price rises of 4.19% in Q3, 4.81% in Q2, and 5.71% in Q1 2014, according to the Bank of Thailand (BOT).The condominium index soared by 14% (13.18% inflation-adjusted), and is actually a more relevant index.   Condominiums are what Bangkok people, including foreign homebuyers and expatriates, tend to live in.  The longer-established detached houses index over-represents the rural population.

The price index for townhouses rose by 6.60% (5.82% inflation-adjusted), and the residential land price index surged by 6.36% (5.59% inflation-adjusted).

Why invest:

Strong economic growth has pushed the Thai price index (Phuket focus) for single detached houses up by 5.71% (3.74% inflation-adjusted) during the year to end-Q1 2014, after annual house price rises of 5.61% in Q4, 5.34% in Q3, and 6.17% in Q2 2013.
Producing a year end increase by more than 21%.

“Property prices in Thailand remain very attractive by international standards, for example at least four times cheaper than Singapore, said Apichart Chutrakul, Sansiri’s CEO and Co-founder.

With strong economic fundamentals, the market also offers good prospects for capital gains, with quality high-end and luxury projects in the best locations ensuring maximized capital appreciation in the long-term.”

Analysis of Thailand Residential Property Market »

Great Investment With Realty Access

Great Investment With Realty Access


Australia: 2.50% P.A. New Zealand: 0.10% P.A.
Source: Commonwealth bank of Australia Source: ANZ Bank

UK: 0.75% P.A. Singapore: 0.8% P.A.
Source: Lloyds Bank Source: CIMB Bank

South Africa: 1% P.A. USA: 0.01%
Source: FNB Bank Source: Bank of America

New Zealand: 0.10% P.A.
Source: Commonwealth bank of Australia Source: ANZ Bank

Singapore: 0.8% P.A.
Source: Lloyds Bank Source: CIMB Bank

USA: 0.01%
Source: FNB Bank Source: Bank of America


Targeted growth per annum on subscriber’s real estate opportunity.

Average based upon ten independent countries within the Realty Access portfolio over the last twenty years. Realty Access employs under the UK Companies Act 2006, an independent administrator to achieve the following:

The administration and the board is entitled to request on behalf of the subscribers to dispose of any and all interests including property assets without the sanction of a resolution of the company in general meeting. For the sake of clarity, it is confirmed that the administrator shall not deem itself reasonably satisfied, in terms of the article, unless the combined cumulative growth of the value of the property assets reimbursement fund is in excess of 8% per annum.



Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Growth P.a.: 12%
Source: INE

Spain offers the largest potential for long term gain in Europe right now. The Spainish House price Index had crashed during the 2007 financial recession making luxury acquisitions a fantastic proposition. Already Spanish house price increased in the second quarter of 2014 driven by foreign property buyers in the coast and prominent cities like Barcelona. During 2006 house prices rose by 19.4%. Last year prices rose by 0.15% only but with a 48% surge in property transactions due to the attractive market prices. Realty Access agrees with qualifies sources like, ‘The Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) which predicts a return to pre 2007 prices for vacation properties in the southern parts of the country with increases expected to be exceeding 12% p.a.

Fuengirola Resort Realty Access

Spain Region: Fuengirola Status of resort: Wholly owned and managed by Realty Access Description: Situated overlooking the famous Boliches Beach, these outstanding apartments are located within a residential complex with private lush gardens, tennis courts and swimming pool. These fantastically appointed apartments bask in the mediterreanian sun for 320 days a year. All have balconies with sea views for […]

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Invest in Spain with Realty Access

Growth P.a.: 12% Source: INE Spain offers the largest potential for long term gain in Europe right now. The Spainish House price Index had crashed during the 2007 financial recession making luxury acquisitions a fantastic proposition. Already Spanish house price increased in the second quarter of 2014 driven by foreign property buyers in the coast and prominent cities like Barcelona. […]

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Club Maritimo Fuengirola

We stayed here for 7 nights on a room only basis. Very elegant hotel positioned on the prom. Staff are polite the young lady we dealt with at reception spoke good English and very knowledgeable. Most of the staff speak very little English. If you would like to practice your Spanish this is a good hotel for that. The room perfect, spacious, complementary tooth brush , comb, razer etc nice touches.
The food perfect, there is something for everyone. We had a fab chef both morning, freshly cooked food in front of you. Pate’s, jam’s, assorted breads, ham’s, fruit, just everything you could wish for is there. Could not fault this hotel. You can fly to Malaga airport, on arrival hop on the train to Fuengirola from there you could gat a taxi or public bus to the hotel as there is a bus stop across the road from the hotel or you could walk it would take approx. 25 mins.
If you like to shop there is a very large shopping mall called Miramar with trendy shops, eateries, along with your Costa coffee, Primark, Clair’s accessories and more just a 10 min walk away.

Peter WatsonLegal AdvisorAyman AwamlehDubai
Icon Solutions

Icon Solutions

Icon Solution was formed by a group of businessmen who have a collective interest in business investment schemes ranging from such diverse backgrounds such as: banks, stock markets, and real estate developments.

They bring to the table over 120 years of combined experience in these three core and major methods of capital appreciation.

We help and assist in data processing and data collection. We also have a great design team inhouse to help you promote your investment.


Realty Access Rentals

Realty Access Rentals




As a subscriber in Realty Access you may rent out your properties to Realty Access Global Vacation Club. Therefore as a subscriber you are guaranteed a fixed minimum amount of rental yield return. I’m making 9.4% this can be paid as a direct transfer into your account or can be collected in crossed cheque format depending if your country has capital gains tax.


Realty Access has commanded ownership of high end luxury holiday homes as part of its global portfolio. Typically short term holiday let detached properties, three bed and over, with private pool will yeild in excess of 300,000 usd per year. Allowing your developer to rent for you will pay you the subscriber a set amount every year, reviewed every three holiday seasons. Any capital balance earned over this agreed amount is set in control of the administrator. In turn the administrator will disburse this money equally to all subscribers upon maturity in accordance with the articles of association that protect all investors globally.

In case you do not want to handle this, you can contact your representative in realty access, they will manage it for you.

It makes perfect sense!

It makes perfect sense!

Investing in Realty Access global is the vacation aspect of Realty Access real estate company. For those with less budget. Maybe its not the right time to become part of a select group of people whom can afford to jointly invest and profit from developing high end properties. But you do like the idea of taking a vacation in property just like that? Then we have a less extravagant mid way solution to suit almost all pockets. We don’t ask you to use your life savings to become a participant in our popular property portfolio and to access the Realty Access Global vacation club. For just 5,000 euros. You can elevate your family vacation experiences to the best the globe has to offer. You cannot of course buy property for this price. But you can access those properties for low cost rentals until you can.

We simply ask you to consider spending the money you will be spending for your holidays in the next few years anyway, in a different way.

For the cost of a few holidays, you can become a Participant in the Realty Access Global Portfolio, this will give you access to quality accommodation worldwide, other Realty Access Vacation Club benefits and at the end of your property portfolio participation, you will participate in the sales proceeds of your share in a property.

Thanks to thousands of participants worldwide, who have put their trust in us already, we are currently successfully involved in the development and management of multiple leisure properties worldwide. You, together with many other participants once you can afford to upgrade from the vacation club to the developers opportunity,  will benefit from the capital growth of the properties, which means, in addition to the holiday savings every year, you too will participate in the capital growth of the property once the properties are being liquidated at the termination date of the portfolio. 

What will be the value of your participation in 25 years?

That is simple. If you participate in the travel club. You will receive you 5,000 euros back in full. The reduced rental is all that your luxury vacations would have cost. If you participate as a developer, you will receive the profits made by the sale of the property portfolio once it is sold. Property of this kind typically doubles in value over a 25 year period. Although like all property this is speculative.

However just question what the price of your or your parents’ house would have been 25 years ago? This should give you an idea.

Expect more…

As a Participant in Realty Access Global, you have a right to access luxury property

As we always try to stand by our motto “Expect more…”, we offer you to make potential profits by renting out any unused, entitlement for a higher price to any third party, should you decide not to use (some of) the weeks yourself.

All you have to do is to book and let us have your guests’ names and details.

Imagine no more…

Image you and your family enjoying your holiday dream destinations around the world… luxury accommodations… fascinating sites…

At the same time, as you are enjoying time with your children at the poolside, someone is taking care, not only of your future holidays, but also of your property asset.

Stop imagining. By simply becoming a Realty Access Global participant, you are becoming the owner of a share of a secured leisure property or development opportunity.

Since 2010 we have been involved in developing and managing leisure properties worldwide. So whilst our Participants have been enjoying holidays worldwide, their property assets have been looked after by the Realty Access Global management team and subsequently the value of the properties in trust have been appreciating at a rate above the industry average.

The rule however is simple, all real estate over a longer period of time increases above the rate of inflation and or the interest rates the banks can possibly offer. Just question yourself: Would you sell the house you bought 10-15 years ago, for the same price today?

How does it work?

At the end of the 25 years term, the management under supervision of the Trustees will liquidate the property portfolio and will return the vacation club participants their 5,000 euros vacation buy–in fee. The real estate developers / subscribers will receive the capital growth of their property share.

25 years from now, you and your family will get a paid, thanks to the smart choice you took today…